Hange apprehends Mikasa, holding the woman straight back while the Levi makes this new injections for Erwin

Hange apprehends Mikasa, holding the woman straight back while the Levi makes this new injections for Erwin

Hange will come with Levi’s squad observe Eren’s category, however, discovers Mikasa trying to discount new Titan shot regarding Levi to ensure she will be able to make use of it to store Armin, even with Levi’s solution to save your self Erwin. Hange tries to persuade this lady you to definitely humanity need Erwin is stored, describing which they nonetheless want Erwin’s leaders.

Hange says to Mikasa which they in addition to wish to bring back anyone, and tells Mikasa that everybody must say goodbye in the future, insisting that they must move on. Levi chooses to move forward with saving Erwin and you will Hange takes Mikasa and clears the fresh new roof with people. not, whenever Levi regroups using them, the guy production that have Erwin, that have selected to store Armin. The guy swears to Erwin he commonly kill the Beast Titan, however, Hange notes one Erwin has already died. [9]

Later on, this new nine thriving Scouts try granted a good medal positivesingles from prize inside the form of a dark bolo wrap toward wings out of liberty inside

Just after Armin awakens atop the new Wall structure, Hange as well as the anybody else regroup as much as him and you may talk about new condition on earlier four hours in addition to early in the day race. Hange notes which they felt Erwin must have lived also, but concedes that there surely is little significantly more to express regarding their current condition, and they and you can Armin would need to go on for the Erwin’s stead.

Hange comes with Levi, Mikasa and you can Eren into Jaeger family. Just after managing to enter the newest basements they observe that initially glimpse, it appears as though the common work environment. Speculating it absolutely was designed to lookup simple, the fresh five browse and you will see a small keyhole quietly of your own table that fits Eren’s secret. They shows a tiny, blank cupboard and that Levi finds a bogus bottom inside. The underside is actually around three instructions, and you can together with her Eren and you can Mikasa unlock the original publication and find an article of paper to the. Although it is apparently an attracting at first, it remember that it appears too sensible. On the back of the picture it see an email regarding Grisha, proclaiming that the image is actually a good “photograph” which humankind was not eliminated outside the walls. [40]

Hange satisfies Levi and you may Armin within the visiting Eren and you may Mikasa from inside the jail, announcing you to definitely their sentence has been reduce brief. The group match which have Historia to speak with her, prior to meeting with almost every other army commanders and you can authorities to discuss the latest present trip, brand new magazines, in addition to huge loss of life. Hange tells the new authorities about what try discovered on magazines, sharing its character because the Sufferers regarding Ymir, and just how he is becoming hunted by others for once ruling the country and achieving the possibility to signal it once again. [41] Even with concerns out of discussing this article towards citizens of Wall space, it is felt like that they’ll declare the results into some one.

Months afterwards, new Lookout Routine once again ventures outside of Wall structure Maria on a journey for the first time for the six age. Sooner or later they are available with the exposure to a good Titan which is not able simply to walk and you may stick to the trail kept from the their moving up to it reach the edge of Paradis Isle. Right here, the latest Scouts experience the ocean the very first time. The fresh soldiers dismount the ponies, retract their pant ft and you can step to the water in the wonder. Hange is quite thinking about this new development of one’s ocean and their scientific well worth. [42]

Marley arc

About annually following the retaking away from Wall surface Maria, Hange provides the Scouts into shore out of Paradis Area to help you defend the fresh shore out-of Marleyan disturbance. Hange and Levi capture an excellent soldier on improve party of the original questionnaire fleet, to use since a good hostage. Since the Eren’s Titan overpowers and you can coastlines the brand new fleet’s main vessel, Hange embraces the Marleyan soldiers while offering him or her beverage. The fresh head declines and provide his soldiers your order to flames; however, various other soldier called Yelena propels brand new captain inactive and you can believes in order to the latest invitation.