Tapering Off Alcohol vs Quitting Cold Turkey


By receiving professional help, you can tailor the decrease in alcohol consumption to a method that will be safe for you and your circumstances. This will be a better way to tackle an addiction to alcohol, and can reduce the likelihood of suffering from symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Even though https://www.healthworkscollective.com/how-choose-sober-house-tips-to-focus-on/ tapering off your alcohol consumption is one of the best ways to stop drinking, it’s important to note that this will need to be done with professional help. This can ensure that you are more likely to succeed with getting on the road to recovery, and that you are less likely to relapse.

While these symptoms are not life-threatening per se, they can be pretty uncomfortable. If you need help figuring out how to taper off alcohol, or want to find alcohol detox services near you, our treatment specialists at Vertava Health can help. Aside from unavoidable triggers, tapering off alcohol can also have side effects which can be difficult to manage at home.

Finding Help for Alcohol Addiction

Being exposed to either form of a trigger can result in unwanted relapse. If you are ready to stop drinking, meet first with an addiction specialist who can guide you toward the proper method of detox. If you recognize yourself when reading through this list, it is time to seek the help you deserve. Serenity Lane is here for all Oregonians in need of help to overcome alcohol addiction.

How do I make myself stop drinking alcohol?

  1. Talk with a doctor.
  2. Know your why.
  3. Set goals.
  4. Remove your access to alcohol.
  5. Write it down.
  6. Discover your triggers.
  7. Find your support system.
  8. Make a plan for when cravings kick in.

However, some groups have published tapering examples to help assist those who are trying to quit drinking. You’ll need to stick with gradual reduction every day and not revert to previous levels of consumption, otherwise it won’t work. If it’s too hard to control how much you drink each day, weaning might not be the right strategy. That said, there are now several medications that can help reduce your cravings and make weaning off alcohol easier. Research has shown that professional help improves your ability to overcome an addiction to alcohol or cut back if you have found it difficult.

Alcohol Treatment at Serenity Lane in Oregon

Nonetheless, quitting cold turkey might be the only way for people who don’t have an alcohol use disorder (AUD). In this case, having a strong support system, attending AA meetings, and talking with an addiction counselor is key to a successful detox process. During medical detox, medical professionals obverse the side effects of withdrawal and can help provide the support and guidance you need to continue your recovery process. They can also ensure you receive fluids to manage dehydration and provide balanced meals to minimize withdrawal effects. While these symptoms are uncomfortable, they are generally not life-threatening. However, some people develop a severe alcohol withdrawal syndrome called delirium tremens (DTS).

how to taper off alcohol at home

You should only attempt an alcohol taper while under a doctor’s care. However, learning more about how an alcohol taper works can help you prepare to quit. Give your loved ones as much information as you can about your self-tapering strategy. Let them know your plan, your progress, and how withdrawals are going for you. Vanessa is certified in addictions counseling by Maryland’s Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists, with credentials as a clinical supervisor. She comes to The Freedom Center with over 14 years of direct experience in residential and outpatient treatment between the private and federal sectors.

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People with moderate to severe alcohol addiction may find an alcohol taper difficult to accomplish. If you have trouble controlling how much you drink or experience significant alcohol cravings, you may need professional help instead of trying to taper your alcohol use at home. Tapering is the practice of slowly reducing regular consumption of a substance like alcohol. Tapering can help a person avoid uncomfortable and sometimes deadly symptoms of withdrawal. Obviously quitting cold turkey from a 12-beer-a-day habit is going to be more stressful than tapering off slowly. But that does not mean home detox is effective, appropriate, or safe.

how to taper off alcohol at home

Developing a proactive plan for tapering alcohol is an important step in the process. The more aware you are of potential risk factors and your individual needs, the more likely you will  succeed. Specifically, excessive drinking can cause an imbalance in the important brain neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Erin decided to switch careers and went back to school to obtain her Addiction Counseling certification. In addition, to being a certified Addictions Counselor, Erin is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS), and a Registered Peer Supervisor (RPS). In autumn and winter, the days get shorter, and skies are often cloudy, depriving us of natural sunlight and unleashing all sorts of mood disturbances in many people.

Alcohol is a deadly substance that impacts millions of Americans annually. More concerningly, alcohol is widely accepted by families, friends, and society in general. As one of the most difficult substances to quit, alcohol consumption can carry many adverse effects ranging from cancer to heart disease.

The longer and harder a person has drunk alcohol–the more severe the withdrawal will be. But, as many in recovery will tell you, How to Choose a Sober House: Tips to Focus on it is only the first chapter in a long process. If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms consistent with DT, call 911.

It’s best to reduce your drinking by a small amount each day to avoid the shock to your system. So, if you normally have 6 beers a day, you could be done tapering within one week. It’s always best to consult a physician on the best strategy, especially if you drink heavily. If you’ve decided to quit drinking, and tapering seems like the right approach, we’ve got you covered.

Alcohol Tapering Schedule

If you drink frequently, you can become physically dependent on alcohol, meaning that your brain needs alcohol to function normally. If you stop drinking, your body needs to rapidly adjust to the absence of alcohol, leading to withdrawal symptoms. The duration of alcohol tapering depends on how much alcohol a person typically drinks.

Knowing how to safely taper off alcohol can make all the difference in how successful you are in quitting drinking. Alcohol abstinence can feel impossible early in the recovery process, and you should not expect yourself to face it alone. The Recovery Village Palm Beach Florida at Baptist Health can help you get started on your recovery with alcohol addiction treatment — safely, comfortably and with your future in mind. Reach out to one of our supportive professionals and begin the healing process.